Dear Shihan, Sensei, Master thank you for your interest to World Fullcontact Karate Union!
The WFKU officially registered in Europe.
The leaders of the Organization well-known Shihan’s in Full Contact Karate around the World, having a great experience more than 30 years.
All martial art clubs of every country and style may be members of World Fullcontact karate Union – WFKU as long as they fulfil professional requirements regarding the person and training of the leader of the club, and the functions, facilities and suitability of the club.
The WFKU develop Budo Karate in the follow versions:
Knockdown Karate
Full Contact Karate (boxer gloves)
Light Contact Karate (boxer gloves)
Point Karate (boxer gloves)
The World Fullcontact karate Union – WFKU is open fo­r all styles of Martial Arts and Budoka.
We will glad to see you in our Organization!
If you have Black Belt in other Karate Or­ganization, and you want promote Dan in WFKU, You can pass a Dan test in World Fullcontact karate Union – WFKU and pay only for the next Dan!
We appreciate yours achievements in other Martial Arts!
World Fullcontact karate Union – WFKU is present in every continent, namely in Europe, America, Asia Australia and Africa.
All Group Membership applications must be evaluated and approved by WFKU HQ. The first step in affiliating your group with the WFKU you must fill the download WFKU Application Form and send to e-mail:
The WFKU Headquarters office will review your group and its activities.
Together they will make a determination as to whether or not the affiliation should be approved.
Upon approval, notification will be sent from the WFKU HQ to your group.
For more detailed information, please contact the Headquarters of WFKU.
Best regards!
WFKU Board